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Latest from the Blog

  • Growing Old
    I think I’ve grown old, A life of mine that I uphold, We rarely think about losing our mobility, While we run and jump with great ability. God’s decision you’ll be pursuing what he ask you to do, To fulfill the plan that is for you, In the last stage of all, Fulfilled our lifeContinue reading “Growing Old”
  • Remember to Forget
    I feel your presence everywhere, But my eyes can’t see you anywhere, Trying to forget you is my heart’s only plea, But my mind couldn’t set you free. In our game, I defeat, So easy like a slip of feet, And find a love that is so true, But still I want to forget you.
  • Your Betrayal
    Insecurity became part of your vocabulary, Since you’ve adopt the accessory of jealousy, The love once we’ve made, Has turned into impulsive trade. You betrayed once, you can do it again, All over your face was overwritten, So this is it, The truth that I expected.
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